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I’m not sure whether to feel elated that general council members of the Theosophical Society started a blog, or offended that I didn’t know about it 🙂 [I’m not supposed to link to it just yet and it’s pulled offline, because it wasn’t supposed to be accessible just yet.]

Seriously – I’m very glad that they are coming out publicly discussing the issues they think the general council should be discussing. The issues their sections run into etc. For a blog it is so far rather quiet. No comments yet. That might have something to do with the fact that they didn’t let people like me know the blog exists. Or with the fact that all comments go through the moderator so far (at least mine did). This blog has some posts I have trouble reading (is there a point here?) as well as some posts that are quite interesting for those who want to know organizational issues sections run into.

There are also a few open letters by general council members to general council members. This gives a unique perspective into what they feel matters in the current TS.

Erica Letzerlich started her own blog as well. It does allow comments and it also has information like the last version of the International Bylaws of the Theosophical Society that she has access to (she’s general secretary of the Greece section). So far her main content is related to the proposal by John Algeo to give the General Council the power to vote for the next president. (That proposal seems to be off the table though). The main content so far is people sharing their outrage at that proposal.

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